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The Quilting Salad

Quilting is a method that has received a heightened sense of popularity not only because of the artistry and elegance it presents but also with the industry that it has build through the years. Business and service establishments that is rooted in this craft have been flooding sites around the globe. Nevertheless for passionate quilters it is not really about the monetary success but more of the fulfilment in producing a rare work-of-art.

Quilting has become a wide network that has taken a lot of identities. Let’s have a crack at the quilting salad and magnify thoughts on various specialty styles involved. First in line is foundation piecing which was originally used in order to make pieces of fabric sewn together stable. Traditional sources of foundation were scrap fabric or muslin but in recent times freezer paper, heavy weight paper, and tracing paper has gained popularity. The foundation serves as a pattern which helps in the creation of quilt blocks with the same size having precise sharp points and perfect matches of intersections.

Paper piecing only requires shorter stitches that allows for easy tearing of the foundation after the block is finished. Tracing, computer printing, needle punching, pre-set designs, and photocopying are some of the mechanisms that allows for preparation of the design for the foundation. Moreover, there are about three main techniques involved in foundation piecing which are top pressed, under pressed and single template piecing. The pattern of the design and the quilter’s discretion influence the choice of technique.

Another specialty style on the list is known as Sashiko. It is a quilting version that focuses on decorative reinforcement of the stitches which is commonly done in Japan. Sachiko was actually a common method in ensuring the strength of points of wear for certain garments as well repairing worn and torn portions via patches. But at present the running stitch technique associated is commonly used to enhance the designs of quilting and embroidery. A distinctive feature of the Sashiko is derived from the white cotton thread that is laced on an indigo or blue cloth.

Ralli Quilting is a traditional method employed by women within the vicinities of Pakistan, western India, and Sindh. This method of quilting has been around for a very long time which accounts for about thousands of years. At present it has gradually taken a spot in the international scene of the quilting industry. It has produced countless brilliant and elegant quilts, table runners, pillows, and cushions that are collectively known as Ralli Quilt.

Tivaivai is another quilting variation that is native to the Cook Islands. It is an act of stitching or sewing that is derived from dashing bed covers. It can be performed by a single woman or accomplished within the circles of certain groups that are tagged as vainetini. This is an avenue wherein the native ladies catch up on recent village happenings and bond together in singing and merry-making. The Tivaivai’s value is not measured by the money it equates but by the love and patience each maker puts into their creation.

The quilting salad is also comprised of Shadow or Echo Quilting, Trapunto Quilting, and Watercolor Quilting. Shadow Quilting is routinely done around an appliquéd piece found on the quilt top followed by echoed quilting around the previous quilting line. Trapunto is also tagged as stuffed quilting and is native to Italy. Watercolor Quilting uses sophisticated yet uniformly sized prints skilfully arranged to come up with a masterful design or picture.


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The Quilting Salad Quilting resources image
The Quilting Salad Quilting image

The Quilting Salad Quilting resources image
The Quilting Salad Quilting image

The Quilting Salad image